So now that they’ve invented a material for phones that can bend without breaking and stuff, someone’s going to make an e-reader that looks and feels like a real book with actual pages that just changes the text to whatever book you choose. Right? I can’t be the only one who thinks that’s a good idea.

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Story Element: One Week of Starvation


Anonymous asked: Hey, I love your blog. Thanks for doing this :) There’s a person in my story that’s lost in a forest and hasn’t eaten for a week but has eaten snow for water. How skeletal will she look? I can’t seem to find a straight answer on google for this.

The reason you can’t find a straight answer is because there isn’t one. It would be different for every person depending on things like age, height, weight, bone structure, metabolism and other physiology, and how much fluid they’re able to take in.

The most amount of fat and muscle a person can lose in a day is about 1.5 pounds, so if a person is starved for a week, they might lose about 10 pounds plus water weight, but for the average person that wouldn’t be anywhere near enough to make them look skeletal. If a person was already on the borderline of skeletal, it could certainly push them over the edge, though.

  • Boy: I love girls who play video games.
  • Me: *interested*
  • Boy: Yeah, I mean it's cool if a girl will play video games with me. As long as she's not better than me. *laughs
  • Me: *laughs back. Guess I'm not the girl for you then.
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Desiderium: The War Within

How do you run for your life when your pursuers can feel your footsteps from miles away?

In a world where powers of enhanced senses are a normal part of life, a girl without powers is dragged into a rebellion. Myra is ripped from her reality and into the world of Verhas by a power hungry King who wishes to twist a prophecy to work in his favor. Ibadeken, a young man charged with Myra’s safety, expects the King’s constant pursuit across perilous lands to be his biggest obstacle. But he must also convince Myra to let go of her past and accept her future as leader to Verhas’s divided people. Will Myra choose this world she barely knows over the desires of her own heart?

   Desiderium: The War Within is the First book of the Desiderium Trilogy.

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I don’t think writers realize that “strong female character” means “well written female character” and not “female character who punches stuff and shoots stuff”


I agree. To me a strong female character is one who has flaws but fights against them. If she punches stuff that’s just bonus.

You heard it from the source folks, I love paper crafts.

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