How to Draw a Fantasy Map: Part 1


I ended up with a lot more information and pictures than I thought I would. Which is a good thing! But what was once going to be one or two posts is now three posts. This is Post 1: The Basics. Post 2 will cover starting a fantasy map and Post 3 will be about making that fantasy map ~fancy~. 

Let’s get started! Please excuse the poor quality of images. I only have a weak mortal phone as my camera. 

This is an image-heavy post.

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Ask Me A Question About My Book!

Any questions asked about my book, Desiderium, might be answered in my vlog this weekend, and I’ll mention you by name (if you ask with anonymous off) and link you in the post if I answer your question to show my appreciation :)

09/19 - 12:05

Hey guys, I’m gonna work on my book today, I PROMISE, OKAY BYE

09/18 - 9:08

“if you consider a woman
less pure after you’ve touched her
maybe you should take a look at your hands”

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This Weekend’s Vlog

This upcoming week in my vlog I’m going to give a quick introduction to my book, Desiderium, and then I’m going to play a game of sorts I made up called Character-Plot Mixup. Basically I’ll randomly pick a character and drop them in the plot of another random well-known book. Should be a fun writer exercise, as well as funny for bookish peoples :)
Anyway, anyone who would like to ask me some questions, any questions asked about my book before this coming weekend may end up in my video. My anon is always on but if you leave anon off I’ll mention you by name if I use your question to show my appreciation for your questions :)

09/17 - 12:24